Sportfactor Inc.
Sportfactor is a Leading Canadian Institutional and Team Sporting Goods Specialist.

The Sportfactor team is unified in taking care of every detail of delivering quality sports equipment and apparel. We build lasting relationships founded in confidence, trust, and respect; provide the best products in the shortest possible time-frame; and are absolute professionals in our industry to free up our customers time to be the professionals in theirs.


Being the first sports equipment and apparel company people think of because of the incredible service experience we provide and the exceptional way we make them feel.


Sportfactor was founded in 1991 out of inspired friendships. The family values that our owners prioritize with our employees transfer directly to our customers so they, too, enjoy the rich experience of those values:

authentic connection;

respected, individual expression;

healthy, loyal relationships;

positive, and memorable experiences.

Sportfactor is a diverse team of unified individuals, each recognized for their strengths and celebrated for their unique expression and contribution. Honoring our team for what they stand for, their needs, where they are from, and where they are going has created a rich culture among the staff and a reliable loyalty from them demonstrated by the many years of service given in each department.

The same way we respect our employees, our employees respect our customers. We appreciate where our customer is at and what their needs are.

Sportfactor sets themselves apart from any other company in this industry. You can expect commitment to every detail from the quality of our service, the selection of our products, and quick completion and delivery times. Every facet of the working whole is significant and recognized so that each order is fulfilled without gaps. We create a seamless experience for you that is easy and enjoyable.